Howard Tangye

Howard Tangye: Hodgkin, Kelly, Hockney

The Armory Show, New York

5-8 March 2020

A presentation of recent and historical works by Howard Tangye, alongside works by those who have inspired him including Howard Hodgkin, Ellsworth Kelly and David Hockney. These complimentary works – hand picked by Tangye himself – are linked with through their shared sense of radical tenderness when viewed through a queer lens. The selected works, both abstract and figurative, each incorporate bold use of line, colour and form to present an emotional landscape. 

This sense of tenderness is crucial in understanding Tangye’s work. Although drawn from life at his North London studio, Tangye instills his subjects with his own personal history – including memories of his childhood in post-war Australia and melancholic longing and subtle eroticism. The presented fragility empowers the subjects through the loving delicacy in which they are represented.