Howard Tangye

Howard Tangye – Water Journal, Volume 5°

Interview and accompanying photography by Adam Rogers for Water Journal Volume 5.

“Seeing his work for the first time made an indelible mark on me that would last the entirety of my education, life and love for claiming ones distinctive style in the arts. His drawings, frequently compared to that of Egon Schiele, carry something extremely unique and sensitive to Howard, spoke to me because of his understanding the importance of the way clothes hang on a body and the use of colours he applies to the paper.

‘You go to my head’ Chet Baker through the speakers in the background, morning sun rewarding the room with brilliant light, oil crayons contacting paper with scratching sounds, constant observant eyes exchange glances from subject to easel, cluttered utensils placed on the table in a neat mess, colours for days, amongst my stillness.

When you first enter the home of Howard Tangye, you are welcomed with tangyble textures! The textures I remember of him during my days at CSM.

There is an old British postal bag used as a hessian mat which sits perfectly in a groove, made originally for a doormat, replacing it. Simply framed drawings of his own are hanging along the hallway. The walls leading up the stairs and around his house are hand painted and varnished in the richest of colours one would only expect to find in Chefchaouen or Jaipur’s Pink City.”

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